Why The Next Wave?
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Why The Next Wave?

Why The Next Wave?

Welcome πŸ‘‹

You want to learn more about personal finance and investment?

Every week you will receive actionable secrets to improve your personal finance. You will learn the fundamentals of investment, best practices, and tips from pros. Additionally, I will make two new investments per month and write about my rationale behind it.

We will cover a broad spectrum of investments such as the stock market, commodities, startups, real estate, and cryptocurrencies. And guess what? (i) We will learn together, step by step (ii) you don’t need thousands of dollars to start investing.

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Who am I?

My name is Kevin Primicerio, I am 30 yo and the founder of a startup accelerator, Hook. Hook helps startups scale from their first prototype to their first fundraising. Thus, My daily job is closer to Venture Capital than it is to the financial markets. I will write about Angel Investing but it won’t be the main focus of this newsletter.

I have been interested in the economy and in the stock market for a long time. Owning a PhD in Quantitative Finance, I have a theoretical understanding of the financial market. Yet, I never invested my own money. But I want to learn.

Why this newsletter?

  1. It begins as a newsletter, but the goal is to create a community. We all start from scratch, together.
  2. After the current bear market is over (who knows when?), a new 10-year bull market will start. Today is a great time to start investing.
  3. Write to learn, not to teach. In this journey, I will read a lot of material and, to structure my thinking, will summarize it down here.

I decided to write in public about what I learn through The Next Wave.

I will share my thoughts on the market, different stocks, and what I learned. I will also share my own investments. I want this newsletter to be practical, as opposed to most books.

I plan to invest in the stock market and in commodities and in startups, cryptocurrencies, arts, and real estate. So I will write about that too :)

If you are in the mood here are some of my favorite articles:

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