Weekly Market Update #3
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Weekly Market Update #3

Weekly Market Update #3

The Weekly Market Update's goal is to give you some insights on the stock market, some visibility on my portfolio, and how I make decisions.

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Past performance and financial indicators (MACD, RSI) of different markets and indexes

Tough week. Every index that I track (but Bitcoin) took a loss. Financials indicators (MACD and RSI) are pessimistic: it is likely to continue.

Graph of the week

The past week annihilated any positive return that happened in January for the U.S. and European markets:

How much money you would have over time if you invested $10k in each index on January 4th 2021

Chinese tech stocks (CQQQ that we started to track last week) and China in general were the most resilient.

Portfolio update

Comparing the growth of my portfolio (green) in January

My portfolio performed well compared to:

  • The S&P500 and the NASDAQ100 (QQQ)
  • The 60/40 portfolio (60% stocks, 40% bonds)
  • Ray Dalio's All Weather Portfolio


  • I have a large exposure to tech (QQQ but also CQQQ, ARKK and individual stocks). Tech is over-performing the market (for example QQQ > S&P500 for the U.S. market)
  • I am gradually increasing my exposure to the Chinese market which is starting to take-off compared to the U.S. market.
  • I own Bitcoin.

I closed some positions last week:

Positions I closed in the past 7 days
  • I was an opportunist on BNGO and NNDM, I opened and closed the trades in the same week
  • I reduced my position on Unity (I still hold some).
  • I opened (and closed) a position on VXX. VXX allows for edging against volatility.

What I am reading

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