Weekly Market Update #1
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Weekly Market Update #1

Weekly Market Update #1

This is the first edition of the Weekly Market Update. Its goal is to give you insights on the stock market, some visibility on my portfolio, and how I make decisions.

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Graph of the week

As I am trying to diversify my portfolio from U.S. stocks, I wanted to see if there were opportunities in other markets. Here is an overview of how different regions and indexes handled and recovered from the crisis:

How much money you would have over time if you invested $10k in each index on January 1st 2020

What we can learn from this graph:

  • S&P500 is not performing better than the global market (World) or the Emerging Markets.
  • Europe and the Dow Jones are the worst performing ones.
  • NASDAQ100 and Chindia are over-performing

The NASDAQ100 performance is not a secret, it is a very technological index that handled well the crisis. But China and India as a whole (not just technological stocks) are performing even better.

Past performance and financial indicators (MACD, RSI) of different markets and indexes

Overall it was not a good week for the financial markets. Financial indicators are not favorable in entering right now. Let's be patient.

My actions: I will dissect the First Trust Chindia ETF and invest in some of its technological components (more on this next week).

Portfolio update

I started this portfolio at the same time as the newsletter, and I am still in the process of building it.

Allocation and past performance of my portfolio (also accessible on eToro) and financial indicators (MACD, RSI).

There are many things I want to improve in my portfolio:

  • Reduce the exposure to the U.S. market.
  • Increase my exposure to the Chinese and Indian markets. Starting with ETFs, then individual stocks (once I am more familiar)
  • Reduce my position in USO (oil) to 0.
  • Not green enough. I want to increase my exposure to renewable energy and green-tech in general.
  • Keep my allocation in BTC in the 10-15% range
  • Reduce my position in HYG and JNK

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